The Purposes of Vietnam Farm & Food Expo 2020

- Introducing potentiality and strength of Vietnam's agricultural products, expanding export markets.

Vietnam is known as one of the world's exporting agricultural products countries. With the impressive export turnover, Vietnam's agricultural products are present in over 180 countries, including the large import markets of the world: USA, EU, China, Japan… The fair contributes introducing potentiality and strength of Vietnam's agricultural products, and expanding export agricultural products to key markets, new markets and potential markets.

- Bring OCOP products to consumers (OCOP: One Commune One Product)

Through the fair, the businesses and production cooperatives will introduce their OCOP products to visitors and consumers.

- Linking supply and demand, creating opportunities for cooperation

The fair creates opportunities for producers, processing companies and distributors to meet, exchange experience and cooperate. From that, the fair contributes to link the production stage – the harvesting stage - the processing stage and the distributing stage following the value chain; link the domestic consumption system with global consumption system.

- Promoting and encouraging the consumption of organic agricultural products

Ensuring a organic product value chain "from farm to fork" is the first criteria of many true agricultural producers. The fair aims to introduce organic agricultural products, and support producers to bring organic agricultural products closer to consumers.

- Attracting and finding foreign investment flows

The fair supports to attract and find foreign investment flows to Vietnam's agricultural sector, especially from the countries which have potentiality and strength in agriculture and agricultural technology.

Vietnam Farm & Food Expo 2020 is concurently organized with “Agritech Vietnam 2020” and “Farm & Food Tech 2020”